Webinar "How can a Ukrainian manufacturer choose a country for export?"

Content:1. Why were Ukrainian snails not sold in France?2. What is the choice of the market, why is it needed, the consequences of an incorrectly chosen market.3. 10 criteria that a manufacturer needs to analyze when choosing a country for export.4. The sequence of actions in the analysis of the market.5. What should you do after choosing a country for export?6. Questions and answers. Bonus for webinar participants.
Speaker:Anastasiya Tkachuk, Head of Export Department and co-founder of Explore Export Agency. 13 years of sales experience in foreign markets of the EU, USA, CIS countries and the development of international distribution in the chemical, food, toy industries. She implemented 7 projects in consulting, as a member of the Lviv region team she won the training competition for export consultants Train the Trainers, a participant in international internships in Canada, Germany, Estonia.



Customs code and customs tariff

The first steps in exporting begin with determining the customs code of your product. The customs code is also called the UCG FEA (Ukrainian Classification of Goods for Foreign Economic Activity) code in Ukraine or the customs code in English.Customs codes under the HS nomenclature are harmonized, that is, they are the same for most countries, although they may differ in the last digits. The customs code allows you to determine the duty rate and the availability of quotas when importing goods into Ukraine and when exporting goods abroad.In article 1, press the text group 01-49; groups 50–97 to obtain the exact customs code for your product.


Glossary of business terms

Irrevocable Letter of Credit, Bill of Lading, transfer of title to the goods, if these words do not make you understand what it is about, then the dictionary of business terms in English we offer will be useful for you to understand with foreign business partners.Business terminology is important when negotiating commercial terms and in a foreign trade contract.The dictionary is divided into areas: banking, contracts and legislation, customs issues, logistics, documentation, insurance, economics, marketing.


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The war is an incredible challenge for Ukrainian businesses due to falling demand in the domestic market, broken supply chains and logistical difficulties. But this is also a time of incredible opportunities!
Ukrainian goods are now very popular in the world, and this is a great opportunity to refocus to foreign markets in order to diversify sales channels and increase business margins. The country needs an influx of foreign currency from exporters and we are ready to support you in the first steps towards export.
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